This is a recommendation for David Ley’s life coaching services. I would recommend David Ley as a life coach for anyone in any phase of life. I personally experienced life changing guidance and help from David Ley when I was going through challenging times that I had never experienced. First, I found David to be the best listener I’ve ever met. He actively listens without interruption or judgment to first learn about his client’s situations. Then his coaching and the tools he provided not only helped me get through this very difficult time, but also changed my approach to life going forward. It wasn’t just a one time fix, but instead a change in mindset that has ultimately helped lead me to a more fulfilling life. I credit David Ley with not only helping and guiding me through a difficult time, but providing coaching for everyday life so I am better prepared for life’s next challenge. Having David Ley as a life coach has been game changing, and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to for a mentor or coach.
Tom Z.

I have had the privilege of working with David as my finance coach. I felt completely clueless about my finances and embarrassed to talk about them. When I started working with David, he put me at ease, helped me see all the positives of where I was financially, even though I wasn’t aware. David didn’t take over anything, he is skilled in his fortay, he educated me and helped me understand even back to basics so I could build up an understanding of where I am and where I was going. David is very adaptable and never made me feel judged. He was open and honest, and he taught me things that make sense that are simple yet I wasn’t even aware of. I would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone, he hears what you’re saying and not saying. He helps you get where you need to be even if you’re not sure what that looks like. I feel stronger financially and am much more confident with my finances. I am grateful for the change that’s happened in my finances this last year.

Sabah K.

David always brings his A game when I need coaching, and it never fails to exceed my expectations. Very professional and highly recommended!

Sarah H.

After working with my coach one-on-one for this long, I’ve never felt better about my life and the direction I’m heading in. Not a chance would I ever go back to my old way of life, not in a million years. I thank my coach from the bottom of my heart for showing me what is possible in life, and the levels he’s helped me reached. 100% recommended.

Ken S.