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About Us

What is Coaching?

The most successful people in the world – from all walks of life – all have one thing in common; they have a coach. Olympic athletes have coaches, business executives and Fortune 500 companies have consultants, politicians have advisors, everyday people hire personal trainers to get back into shape, and the list goes on. Whether they’re called a coach, mentor, advisor, a role model, teacher, etc.; they network with an expert who’s been there before and knows the road ahead. A great coach helps you identify your personal and/or professional goals, helps you identify what’s been holding you back, provides expertise and guidance, then points out the best ways to create that success you’re looking for. The absolute best way to get what you want in life is to find someone who has already achieved it and who is already playing at that level – period. No heavyweight champion or millionaire got to the top of the mountain without a coach without showing them step-by-step how to get there. A quality coach helps you define and achieve your goals faster than we ever could on our own. Welcome to our platform.

Personalized, 1-on-1 customization

The personalized coaching we offer is a 1-on-1 customized program tailored to your needs, whether that’s in the area of your physical health, your habitual emotions, relationships, financial planning/personal finance, time management, hitting plateaus, or any other area of life. Either way, we can help take you to the next level, whatever that picture of success looks like for you.

Now is the time

Spots for individuals are currently open for our coaching programs, however there is limited availability. NOW is the time to make a new decision and take action. We offer a FREE initial consultation and two FREE coaching sessions to see if our coaching program is right for you. No obligations or commitments to start. Completely risk free.

Become the best version of yourself

The BEST way to achieve the next level is by working with a coach 1-on-1 . Getting into better physical shape, becoming a better mother or father, being a better spouse or partner, dealing with stress/depression/anxiety/overwhelm, starting a business, committing to financial success, individual goal setting, or just finding deeper meaning and fulfillment in life; your coach can provide massive value in any and all of these areas.


So often we ask ourselves in life, “how do I fix this?” “Where do I begin?” “How long is this going to take?” Or worse yet, “how come this always happen to me?” So often we ask ourselves ‘how’ or ‘why’ questions that seemingly have no answers (or endless answers), and it prevents us from even getting momentum – let alone any results.

A better question to ask yourself, is who can help me solve this problem? Who can help me figure this out? Who can show me how to get better results? Or better yet, who has been here before that can help me? Asking who and not how, will almost always get you the results you want quicker and with less headaches. Once you determine who can help you get the results, the how is usually easy (if not obvious).

Why Choose Us

No Topic Is Off-Limits

We offer personal and professional coaching lessons to men and women, business owners, parents, students, other coaches, and anyone who’s looking to make important changes for themselves. Many of our clients sign up for coaching because they’re dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, or struggling to make the changes they’re looking for. Every aspect of life could be going great, in relationships, at work, with your children, with your finances, with your health; but if you’re stuck mentally or dealing with emotions that bring you down and can’t seem to break free, then what good is the success?

Some of our clients are self-employed or business owners, who are looking to maximize every advantage they can find. From rediscovering the passion in their chosen field, to making more money, or finding a deeper sense of satisfaction. Getting to the top of your game is one thing, but consistently maintaining it is something else entirely. Living at the highest level requires the right habits, the right decisions, the right peer group, the right metrics, and most of all, execution.

What my clients say

I have had the privilege of working with David as my finance coach.  I felt completely clueless about my finances and embarrassed to talk about them.  When I started working with David, he put me at ease, helped me see all the positives of where I was financially, even though I wasn’t aware.  David didn’t take over anything, he is skilled in his fortay, he educated me and helped me understand even back to basics so I could build up an understanding of where I am and where I was going.  David is very adaptable and never made me feel judged.  He was open and honest, and he taught me things that make sense that are simple yet I wasn’t even aware of.  I would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone, he hears what you’re saying and not saying.  He helps you get where you need to be even if you’re not sure what that looks like.  I feel stronger financially and am much more confident with my finances.  I am grateful for the change that’s happened in my finances this last year.

Sabah K.

This is a recommendation for David Ley’s life coaching services.  I would recommend David Ley as a life coach for anyone in any phase of life.  I personally experienced life changing guidance and help from David Ley when I was going through challenging times that I had never experienced.  First, I found David to be the best listener I’ve ever met. He actively listens without interruption or judgment to first learn about his client’s situations.  Then his coaching and the tools he provided not only helped me get through this very difficult time, but also changed my approach to life going forward.  It wasn’t just a one time fix, but instead a change in mindset that has ultimately helped lead me to a more fulfilling life.  I credit David Ley with not only helping and guiding me through a difficult time, but providing coaching for everyday life so I am better prepared for life’s next challenge. Having David Ley as a life coach has been game changing, and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to for a mentor or coach.

Tom Z.

After working with my coach one-on-one for this long, I’ve never felt better about my life and the direction I’m heading in.  Not a chance would I ever go back to my old way of life, not in a million years.  I thank my coach from the bottom of my heart for showing me what is possible in life, and the levels he’s helped me reached.  100% recommended.

Ken S.

David always brings his A game when I need coaching, and it never fails to exceed my expectations.  Very professional and highly recommended!

Sarah H.