Life’s Delays Are Not Life’s Denials

⇒ Life Coaching and/or Personal Development Coaching

This is where it all starts. How fulfilled are you in life? How do you honestly feel about the direction you’re heading in? Is life going the way you want it to, or are you struggling too often and don’t know what changes to make? Do your emotions control you or do you control your emotions? If you’re not happy or fulfilled, can’t find the meaning in your life, or you’re not looking forward to your own future, then not much else matters. We want to squeeze everything we can out of what matters; our empowering emotions, our personal relationships, our time, our finances, our health, and everything else that’s important to us. Here we take control of our decisions, the meaning we give to the events of our lives, what we focus on daily, and we focus on growing and contributing. Problems don’t define us; we are the creators and we are the decision makers. We examine your beliefs about life, about the world, about relationships, we evaluate your identity (your personal roles and how you define yourself), we examine what you value in life, we evaluate what your personal and unconscious rules are in life and in relationships, we look at the vehicles you’ve chosen to get what you want in life, we look at the habitual questions you ask yourself on a regular basis, and we look the habitual emotions you go into consistently. We dive deep and we play for keeps. With this coaching program, we take an honest look at how you feel about the direction you’re heading in, where you are now, what’s been holding you back, and certainly what’s the best path to finally achieve what you truly want in this world.

⇒ Financial Coaching

Anything you want in this world, likely is going to have a price tag on it. With 64% of people live paycheck to paycheck, unfortunately most people never commit to financial freedom in their life and money problems are too often a source of stress, depression, anxiety, or overwhelm, and money problems are too often a source of stress, depression, anxiety, or overwhelm. Which more often than not, takes a heavy toll on their relationships with their spouse, their children, their physical health, and their long term mental health. Who taught you how to manage money? Who taught you how to invest? Who taught you the basics of how finances work and how to take control of them? For most people, that answer is a resounding… “no one”. Having a solid financial background and being able to make your own personal financial decisions is non-negotiable if you want an amazing life; it’s an absolute must. Is your personal goal to become a bona fide millionaire and join the ranks of those who came before you? Whether you’re saddled with debt, looking to learn the basics of investing, haven’t stuck to a budget in decades, or don’t even know where to begin, or even if you’re already on your way to the top, this program is for you. We discuss the vast differences between assets vs liabilities, good debt vs bad debt, we discuss the importance of weekly and monthly budgeting, managing credit and credit scores, the basics of investing (the three primary ways to invest), what fees you should be paying, different types of life insurance, what your personal risk tolerance is and how to determine it, your personal balance sheet and net worth, the importance of having a power-of-attorney designated and a health care directive, wills vs trusts vs legacy planning, and more. You’ll find once the money problems are solved in your life, the better off your relationships are going, the better your physical health will be, the better your day-to-day emotions will be, and a higher quality of life is much easier to attain.

⇒ We Train Other Coaches

We need leaders in this world now more than ever. While we network with numerous coaches across the world from all walks of life, all with their own expertise and specialties, many coaches just getting started these days are finding difficulties in getting their practice off the ground. If you’re a new coach getting started, considering a career as a personal or professional coach, or looking to take your coaching skills to the next level, or worse yet… struggling with a crippling amount of imposter syndrome, we can help. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Who are your coaches and mentors? What is your reason for wanting to help and serve others for the greater good? If you have a strong enough why you want to pursue a career in the coaching field and change lives, you’ll figure out the how. Our Coaches Only program shows you precisely how to be an agent for change, in your own life and in your client’s lives. We dive deep into strategies, tools, techniques, philosophy, and practical application. The definitive “how” to be an effective and highly qualified personal development or life coach.

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How It Works

Each individual session is 50 minutes long (customized packages available upon request, subject to availability)


Three month coaching package (four 50 minute sessions per month/one 50 minute session per week) – MOST POPULAR

Six month coaching package (twenty-six sessions, 50 minutes each, over six months) – MOST POPULAR

Twelve month coaching package (fifty-two sessions, 50 minutes each, over twelve months)

Daily coaching package (one 50 minute session, five times per week)
Training Plan For Coaches (customized for every individual)
VIP Financial Coaching plan (customized for every individual)

20% Discount for active military, veterans, teachers, law enforcement, and fire fighters (Training Plan For Coaches excluded)

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